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WhatsApp Makes Video Calling Easier With New Features

WhatsApp now lets you share your screen during a video call. This means you can watch videos or share photos with your friends while on a call. You can also hear audio from the screen you are sharing.

The number of people allowed on one video call has also increased. Before, mobile calls could have up to 32 people, while computers and laptops were smaller. Now all devices can support up to 32 participants in one video call. This will make it fun to video chat with larger groups of friends.

A new speaker spotlight feature automatically makes the person talking bigger on your screen. This helps you focus on the person speaking instead of searching for them.

WhatsApp also improved call quality with a new codec called MLow. A codec is a technology for voice and video calls. MLow helps calls work better even if the internet is slow. It makes calls sound crisper.

These updates will roll out on WhatsApp over the next few weeks. The changes aim to improve the video calling experience across smartphones, computers, and tablets. Users will be able to easily video chat with more friends than before, thanks to the new features.

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