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The Galaxy Watch 7 Could Help Detect Serious Health Issues Early

Apple’s watch has gotten much attention in the wearables market when it comes to health tracking. In terms of wellness tracking via smartwatches, the Apple Watch is often considered the industry standard due to its sensors and detection capabilities. Even so, manufacturers like Samsung haven’t given up on wearables. Over the years, the Galaxy Watch keeps improving, and rumors indicate that it’s about to get better.

We’ve heard the new Galaxy Watch 7 may help detect serious health problems early. Code in the Samsung Health app suggests it will measure something called the Advanced Glycation Endproduct (AGE) index, which are things in our bodies linked to diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes. Samsung seems to be working with a company called Diagnoptics to include an AGE Index on the Galaxy Watch 7.

AGEs are things in our bodies that are thought to play a role in chronic diseases as we get older. Recently researchers have connected them to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. The Galaxy Watch 7 may be able to measure AGE levels without needing blood tests, which would be simpler for users. Diagnoptics uses a technique where AGEs give off fluorescence, making them easier to quantify without invasive tests like how diabetics check glucose levels.

Another rumored feature for the Galaxy Watch 7 series is data sharing between Samsung accounts. This would let users choose who can see their health data, similar to the Apple Watch’s sharing options between friends and family. Since it would connect to Samsung accounts and not just one device, possibly future Samsung devices like a rumored Galaxy Ring could also record sharable health info. Samsung hasn’t confirmed these rumors officially yet – we’ll have to wait until their product launch event to know for sure what’s included.

If true, tracking AGE levels could help the Galaxy Watch 7 line up better against the Apple Watch for health features. Being able to potentially monitor serious health issues earlier would be very useful for smartwatch owners. Samsung seems determined to close the gap with Apple in the wearables market. We’ll see soon enough if the Galaxy Watch 7 delivers.

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