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Samsung Watches May Help You Track Your Family’s Health

The Galaxy Watch line of smartwatches by Samsung has a long history of being really good watches. Not many other companies can compete with how well Samsung makes its watches. As we wait for Samsung’s next watch, the Galaxy Watch 7, there is a chance Samsung will make an improvement that helps you keep track of your family’s health better.

There’s word that Samsung is adding a new feature to the Samsung Health app. This feature would let family members share their health data with each other using Samsung watches. This could help parents watch their kids’ health more easily.

The Samsung Health app will soon have options to allow sharing. A parent would be able to agree to see the health info from their child’s Galaxy Watch. Things like steps, heart rate, sleep would transfer from the watch to the Samsung Health app. But the child would still need their own Galaxy Watch for it to work.

Samsung has built privacy and security into this family sharing feature. Everyone can stop sharing or choose what data they share whenever they want. They can also see what others want from them before agreeing. Parents will only get a child’s data if the child allows it. Old or deleted info is removed automatically over time too.

There’s no proof yet that this will only be on the Galaxy Watch 7. Samsung may bring it to older models too at first. But it makes sense to only have it on the new watch at the start so more people buy the Galaxy Watch 7 to get this feature.

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