Could Apple's Next Budget Watch Be Made of Plastic? Could Apple's Next Budget Watch Be Made of Plastic?

Could Apple’s Next Budget Watch Be Made of Plastic?

Many years ago, Apple tried tapping the budget market by releasing the plastic iPhone 5c. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t a success and they switched to the cheaper SE phones and smartwatches instead. Now it seems Apple may take another shot at plastic with an unexpected material change coming to their next affordable watch.

Reports reveal Apple is testing making the upcoming Apple Watch SE 3 out of rigid plastic rather than aluminium. This could lower the price significantly to match competitors like the $199 Samsung Galaxy Watch FE. As it stands, the Apple Watch SE costs $249, putting it above many budget-friendly options.

Switching to plastic may convince budget shoppers to buy the Apple Watch SE 3 over rival watches. The last time Apple ventured into plastic, it was with the iPhone 5c – but the design failed to attract buyers. This time, keeping the same durable design but opting for plastic could succeed where before they faltered.

Only prototypes exist so far, but Apple is clearly evaluating if plastic can deliver affordability without compromising quality. If it works, the new SE could win over those considering cheaper alternatives. We’ll have to wait until Apple’s anticipated fall event to see if their plastic smartwatch pitch proves effective.

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