Navigating the Maze: A Guide To Getting Your App Approved For The App Store

One aspect that separates one’s idea for application creation from lying on the beach and enjoying oneself in a relaxed atmosphere is just a small understanding of how technologies work. Anyway, don’t forget about the main obstacle standing between you and the Apple App Store: Apple.

While over 100 million iPhones have been sold since 2007, getting your app approved isn’t easy. The App Store approval process isn’t transparent – Apple holds all the cards. You submit, then wait nervously for approval or rejection with no feedback.

Here are some insider tips for navigating the approval maze:

Test Your App Thoroughly – Minor issues could cause rejection. Fix bugs and check icon sizes before submitting. It’s easier to update an approved app than resubmit.

Start Simple – A basic app has a better chance of approval. Add features later in updates. Don’t make it too simple though – “test” apps will also be rejected.

Expect Rejection – It’s common, so take it in stride. Apply feedback to strengthen your app. Don’t resubmit until issues are fixed.

Keep it Clean – Follow Apple’s strict content rules. No risqué images or inappropriate materials.

Get Creative – With over 250k apps, you need to stand out. Provide a useful experience, not just another mediocre app.

Watch for Innovation – Don’t copy existing apps too closely or step on projects Apple may be working on.

Be Patient – Complex apps could take months to review. Make sure yours works seamlessly with Apple’s systems.

That’s the insider tips for navigating the winding App Store approval road. With some elbow grease on your app and patience, your creation could be the next big hit!

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