How to Get and Use the Cool Ray Gun in Warzone on Fortune’s Keep

A Ray Gun in Warzone is a powerful weapon that you can get at the beginning of a Resurgence match on the Fortune’s Keep map. The Ray Gun can kill other players very fast, taking them out in just one or two shots. In this guide, I’ll show you how to solve the easter egg puzzle and get your hands on the awesome Ray Gun!

To start, jump into a Fortune’s Keep Resurgence mode by yourself or with some friends. These game types include Solo, Duo, Trio, and Quads. Once the match begins, fly straight to the Ground Zero area. Look for the big crater in the middle and land right in it.

You’ll see a broken wall on the right side that leads to an underground lab. Go through here and keep walking down the hallway on the right. Eventually, you’ll come to a door on the left. Open it up to find some clue arrows on the wall. These arrows point to different locations you need to go to: the loading bay, production area, server room, and utility room.

Take the path on the left first to the Loading Bay and Production area. When you enter the first room, look on the right for a hidden chamber. Go inside and you’ll see some crates floating in electric water. Look around the edges of the room and flip three switches to turn off the power.

Once the water is safe, dive down near the first crate and switch. Swim along the underwater path until you see the Ray Gun just sitting on a table at the end. As long as no one else grabbed it yet, it will be there waiting for you. Interact with it to pick it up! Now you can blast away at enemies with your new powerful Ray Gun. Enjoy vaporizing players across Fortune’s Keep with this secret wonder weapon!

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