How to beat Joy, the new tricky hero in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang introduces Joy, the Flash of Miracle. Her agility makes her a good fighter on the battlefield, much like Wanwan. While she is fast and hard to catch, some heroes can counter her moves. Let’s take a look at 3 heroes that can beat Joy.

Minsitthar the Stopper

Minsitthar has a powerful ultimate skill called “King’s Calling” that stops enemy heroes from using their dash abilities. This means Joy will not be able to use her dash skill inside the King’s Calling area. Minsitthar can also pull her back with his “Spear of Glory” skill if she tries to escape. Make sure to use “Flicker” as your battle spell to catch Joy off guard.

Phoveus the Dashing Destroyer

Phoveus is tough against dash heroes because his “Demonic Force” skill lets him instantly dash to any enemy that uses a dash near him. Since Joy needs to dash three times for maximum damage, Phoveus can stay close and damage her a lot. Buy the “Ice Queen Wand” and “Glowing Wand” to burst her down fast.

Esmeralda the Shield Stealer

While Esmeralda has no dash disables, she can absorb enemy shields and negate shield effects. This makes her dangerous for Joy. Her speed boost also helps catch the mobile Joy. Focus on skills and items that give movement speed to stick on Joy and drain her life away.

With these heroes’ unique anti-dash abilities, you have a good chance to shut down tricky Joy in team fights. Fight fire with fire by picking Minsitthar, Phoveus, or Esmeralda against her. I hope this helps you beat Joy next time!

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