Do nothing, while plugged in [Cell Phone battery Hack]

I know a lot of us get so angry when the battery goes red but I’ll share a few tips on how to make the volt up the juice with no extra software. Just common sense. Yes, this is still a cell phone battery hack.

The most basic tip to making your phone charge faster is this. “Do nothing, while plugged in” Yep, that’s the slogan. So from my slogan, you’ll naturally agree that the fastest way to juice up your battery is to power off the device.

I know that it’s like a death sentence to some of my readers but remember, the truth hurts. And before you go out, I’m sure you might be like me who never wants the phone off then you can also put the phone on airplane mode. Please note that at this point, you can’t make or receive calls, and you also have no access to the internet. So in a big way, there’s no point in this.

And if you can’t at least switch off your mobile data or wifi while you are charging your phone, then let’s face it, we are in this boat together, there’s no abracadabra that will make our phones charge faster except charging from AC as opposed to from our PC

And even while plugged to PC, if it’s the only option, make sure it’s the only device connected and you are on High Performance (for windows)

As at the time of writing this post, I’m charging my battery from my PC with my screen turned off and my 3G on and tethering to my PC through Wifi. Well, I was on 90% charge when I started this post, and now I’m on 85% charge (I unplugged my charger to check) 😉


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