How Brave's Chatbot Leo Helps You Find Information Fast How Brave's Chatbot Leo Helps You Find Information Fast

How Brave’s Chatbot Leo Helps You Find Information Fast

With its Leo chatbot, Brave Software integrates search results from its Leo search engine. Brave Search API and Leo are integrated into the company’s browser to provide search results. According to the company, this integration will enable users to find up-to-date information more easily.

Now when you talk to Leo, the chatbot in Brave browser, you can also see search results. The results come from Brave Search, a private search engine made by Brave. Leo and Brave Search work together inside the Brave browser.

Brave says this will help in many ways. You can check latest scores while chatting. Leo can show more details related to a topic when you read an article. Also, you can find recent popular topics to post on social media.

Everything you ask or say to Leo stays private because Brave doesn’t save your chat history or login info. It also changes your search info before sending it to protect your privacy.

For $14.99 per month, you can get Leo Premium. This removes usage limits and gives access to better AI models. Brave issues private codes so your subscription can’t be traced back to you.

Brave wants users to like its browser and search engine more. Earlier it added summaries and short answers to search results using AI. Now talks to Leo can also include search easily. Other browsers also try adding AI but Brave owns both parts which could improve them more together.

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