most are not hyped for laptops with ai yet most are not hyped for laptops with ai yet

Many Are Not hyped for Laptops with AI Yet

The future of laptops is bound to include some AI smarts powered by a neural processing unit (NPU), much like modern Android smartphones. Software giants like Microsoft and hardware giants like Qualcomm are racing to develop generative AI query-crunching solutions. As a result of NPU development, these features could be used for offline processing tasks, which could be useful for AI assistants and other data-crunching tools. Although a lot of people are excited about this potential, many aren’t.

In a recent poll, almost 45% of readers said they were not interested at all in laptops with built-in AI. Less than a quarter said they cared more about overall laptop specs. Only over 30% expressed interest in the idea.

However, some comments showed more open-mindedness. One reader said they were in the “better to have it and not need it” camp. Others wanted to know if popular software like for image generation would support NPUs for offline use, which they thought could be useful.

Still, others just didn’t see the need. One referred to NPUs as “useless things taking up dead space.” For now, AI is not a must-have for most laptop shoppers. Whether it becomes important will influence future purchase decisions.

It seems NPUs will eventually be standard in laptops. But this poll reveals that the majority are taking a wait-and-see approach for now. Buyers want to understand the practical benefits before getting hyped about AI-powered notebooks. Support from key apps may increase interest over time.

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