Meta's Threads is Now Open to Developers Meta's Threads is Now Open to Developers

Meta’s Threads is Now Open to Developers

Earlier today, Meta released its long-awaited API for Threads so developers could build experiences. Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri both announced the exciting news.

The Threads API lets developers publish posts, fetch content, and manage replies. This includes hiding or exposing replies. Meta also released analytics data like views, likes, and shares.

Developers can now build tools to help manage large Threads accounts more easily. This should benefit influencers and businesses that use Threads heavily.

The API was in closed beta testing with partners before. Now it’s fully publicly available for all developers. An open source demo app also launched on GitHub.

By opening its social platform, Meta hopes third-party creativity flourishes around Threads. This could help it compete with the growing popularity of decentralized networks.

Don’t miss out – check out Meta’s developer documentation to see how you can integrate Threads into your ideas! The social future depends on collaboration between networks and outside builders.

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