DOOGEE F3 Pro Review

This phone is something that is artistically beautiful and technologically sound, I mean, it doesn’t really get note interesting than this. One interesting thing about the front camera for examples is that it’s 5MP and can actually be interpolated to 8MP.


The DOOGEE F3 is a combination of refined and sleek shape embedded with an insane amount to tech for it’s price. The phone is 6.88mm thin and is with a mesmerizing glass skin. This is the definition of sexy!!!

The mid-frame of the phone is cut to have penta-faceted crystal edged meaning that they will will curved and angular at the same time giving a unique and comfy grip.

The back cover is mirror like and you won’t have to use your screen to try picking off the bread crumb from your mouth. 


At 5″ the phone is with a sincerely yours size. The 2.5D glass and 1mm bezel means that all your photos and videos will look amazingly stunning to the eye regardless of the viewing angle. The color gamut is at 90% and with a full resolution display.

Lest I forget, there’s a anti-fingerprint nano coating on the Corning Gorilla to help protect the phone and keep it looking like new every single time. 

Hardware and Storage

The phone is with an octa-core 64-bit processor and a MALI-T720 GPU which is the norm in the performance MTK phones.

There’s also 3GB or RAM space and 16GB or internal storage and what’s more, your expansion slot is there to give you access to about 128GB more storage.

The phone will allow you use dual 4G network with one standard sim and one micro sim.

With a battery capacity of 2200mAh, ensure that your wall charger and your power bank are embedded to your daily life if you want to own this phone. There’s an extended battery saving mode and fast charging capability that ensures. Hat you get the most from your battery. 

Camera and OS

Now, the camera tech is something that is outstanding. The back camera is 13MP with a 3M2 BAY sensor that boosts phase detection and gives a 0.1s auto focus which is about how our eyes work!!!! Can you believe that? 

The ISOCELL sensor reduces the interface between adjacent pixels by some 30% while the light absorb toon value is increased by 30%. This means that your colours are more accurate and have a larger range. The effect is seen as the image quality of dim-lit photos are actually great. 

F3 Pro ships with Android 5.1 and is very comfortable to use.

Add Ons

There’s an embedded voice recognition system that has the ability to wake the phone, make a call, start apps and all. 

There’s a fast screenshot feature that means that a 3 finger swipe down will mean a screen capture!!! 

Oh, the HK tech (NFC-like) is also on the phone and this will enable you share files by touching at speeds up to 54Mbps and it’s not via WiFi. 

On-Point Rating

For those that are checking my blog for the first time, the OPR is a rating system that compare the features of the phone to the amount being paid for it, hence value for money from a Nigerian hustler’s perspective.

The OPR for this phone is 8.9 of 10

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