Windows 10 Review

It is no news that Windows has crossed to make a single OS that will work across devices. Allowing for universal (modern) apps to run on all devices that have the Windows 10 installed via the Store. I am pretty sure that this is a major move to help them have a real fighting chance with Android and Mac/iOS.

The windows 10 will run on PCs, Phones, Tablets, Internet of Things and the xBox. I’ve actually been using the Windows 10 Preview on my Lumia 520 phone and to be honest, it is so buggy. I follow all updates from my Insider app and the latest build of Windows 10 for PC was made available four days ago and yes, Windows 10 is still in Preview for PCs too.

Let us not forget that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for the first one year if you are on Windows 7 and up and that’s if you meet the system requirements which include:

  • 1GB per 32-bits
  • 16GB Hard Disk Space
  • DirectX9 Device
  • Microsoft Account
If you do not have the last one, kindly head on to outlook.com to register now. Believe you me, if you choose to upgrade, to Windows 10 in the first one year, you will be using it forever free which is a good thing as a “previous” windows license has no real use.

The Windows 10 is set for release ten days from now for PCs. There will be seven versions of the Windows 10 as follow:
  • IoT
  • Mobile
  • Home
  • Enterprise
  • Professional
  • Education
  • Mobile Enterprise

Charms (the little icons that appeared on the right-hand side of the screen) is not available in Windows 10 and all of its’ features have been moved to the Action Centre (a new notification panel) and it is a very powerful tool to be sincere and smartphone users will find it a blessing and wonder how they have lived without it.

The start menu is no more full-screen but a very modern feel that has live tiles turned on, a feature I always turn off as it increases my data usage. Search (with Cortana incorporated in it) has been moved to the task bar and as you would expect, the calendar has changed appearance (click on the time and date to view).

When you right-click a folder in windows explorer, you can add it to the Quick Access (formerly favourites).

Just like in Linux distros, you can now have more than one workspace with Windows introducing Desktops (available through task view)

Microsoft Edge (previously codenamed Spartan)  is the new default browser for Windows 10 and believe you me, pages render really fast in this browser. What’s more is that developers will be able to port extensions from the chrome store to for usability in Edge.

Windows 10 comes with the AeroSnap, a feature that allows you to snap for apps to the four corners of the desktop.

Did I hear you asking if you should upgrade to windows 10? Yes you should, but you might want to wait about three months before you do if you would want to enjoy the best of it. This is because I believe a lot of apps will be available in the store and extensions Edge by then.
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