Amazon Axes its "Watch Party" Feature Without a Word Amazon Axes its "Watch Party" Feature Without a Word

Amazon Axes its “Watch Party” Feature Without a Word

Many streaming services introduced Watch Party features during the pandemic, enabling people to watch the latest movie together even if they were geographically separated. It was a brilliant addition at the time, as many of us suffered from social isolation. A few years later, the feature appears to have disappeared from Amazon Prime.

Amazon’s Watch Parties have been missing for several months according to Reddit reports. But since Amazon never announced anything, most users didn’t even realize it was gone.

Watch Parties weren’t a daily staple, but they brought people together long-distance. So why dump it silently? And without thanking fans for the memories? The only clues point to low usage not justifying the costs.

If you still want watch buddies, Teleparty lets you invite friends to synchronously stream on different services through a browser extension. It’s an option, but not as polished as Amazons once was.

By axing its social streaming silently, Amazon spilt up would-be movie parties without warning. Fans deserved better than stealthily severed streaming get-togethers without even a wave goodbye.

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