YouTube Music's Chatty New Playlists YouTube Music's Chatty New Playlists

YouTube Music’s Chatty New Playlists

Today, companies are trying to integrate artificial intelligence into every aspect of our lives. YouTube Music’s latest AI experiment creates radio stations based on user input. Users can simply type their song expectations, and the service will automatically generate relevant radio stations.

According to one report, YouTube Music is testing “chatbot playlists” with a few users. A new prompt invites descriptions to spark automated genre mixes.

The interface includes template requests and lets feedback be typed or spoken. After input, unique AI-crafted stations appear. Listeners can sample suggested songs and save favorites.

Though it’s an experiment, this conversational concept could click. If quality proves consistent, more subscribers may gain access. Until then, users can try composing radios through natural language.

YouTube Music ventures deeper into dialogue with this developer test. If refined, chatty playlists could streamline discovery through casual discussion rather than rigid features.

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