Perplexity's Powerful Pro Search Now On Android Perplexity's Powerful Pro Search Now On Android

Perplexity’s Powerful Pro Search Now On Android

Android users can now access the recently revamped Pro Search feature of AI-powered search startup Perplexity. By chaining together multiple searches, the new Pro Search enables the AI to handle complex queries more efficiently. Originally announced for iOS and web users last week, the feature is now available for Android users as well.

Pro Search impresses with its ability to break down difficult questions into smaller searches. It taps multiple sources more thoroughly than competitors. While responses are slower than simple searches, Pro Search can now solve math problems and run code directly.

The feature isn’t fully rolled out worldwide yet, so some users may not have access. To check, try a complex multi-step query and enable Pro Search. It works best in regions where rollouts are complete.

With Pro Search, Perplexity proves itself a powerful Google alternative. Android owners can now rely on its AI to tackle even their trickiest tasks. Don’t be daunted by difficult questions – let Perplexity’s new pro-level abilities going to work for you.

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