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Understanding Your Snapchat Friend Planets

Snapchat comes with an exclusive paid plan that gives power users access to experimental features, pre-releases, and limited-time features. The Friend Solar System is an interesting feature of Snapchat Plus that displays your closest friends ranked and visualized.

While Snapchat is also available on desktops, the ability to check your solar system is only available on iOS and Android devices. So what exactly is the Friend Solar System on Snapchat?

It’s like your own solar system, where you are the Sun, and your best friends are represented by planets surrounding you. The planet that is closest to you represents your number #1 best friend on Snapchat. There are 8 planets total that are ranked based on how close your friendships are.

The order of the planets starts with Mercury being your very best friend, followed by Venus as your second best friend. Earth is the third best, Mars is the fourth best and so on until you reach Neptune, which is your eighth best friend. Each planet has a special look, making it recognizable, like Earth has a moon.

You can check your ranking as a planet in a friend’s solar system too. Open their profile on Snapchat and look at the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge. This will show you as one of the planets so you know where you stand.

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