The Wait For ChatGPT's Flirty Voice Mode Just Got Longer The Wait For ChatGPT's Flirty Voice Mode Just Got Longer

The Wait For ChatGPT’s Flirty Voice Mode Just Got Longer

A while back, we heard about a new ChatGPT feature that would blow other voice assistants away. This advanced talking mode was set to be in the ChatGPT app. But now OpenAI says it isn’t ready for at least another month.

OpenAI wants to spend more time making sure the voice conversations will be safe. They are teaching ChatGPT to not accept certain types of requests. Infrastructure issues are also causing delays.

Even though some users have seen a pop-up to test it early, that invitation doesn’t unlock it yet. OpenAI tweeted the alpha release of voice chat will be next month for a small group. The final version may come in fall, depending on how testing goes.

We got a peek at what ChatGPT can “say” at an OpenAI event. It can act sarcastic, laugh, and understand your emotions from your voice. Even having conversations while looking at visuals like math problems.

OpenAI’s tweet mentions video and screen sharing will come later too. All these advanced features will require a $20/month ChatGPT Plus subscription though. Until more work is done, we’ll have to wait a little longer to talk with ChatGPT

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