New Opera Browser Makes Video, Images And Tabs Easier To Use New Opera Browser Makes Video, Images And Tabs Easier To Use

New Opera Browser Makes Video, Images And Tabs Easier To Use

Today, Opera One’s second version was released in developer beta, with new multimedia controls, split tabs, and AI features. The new version makes some cool changes to help people use videos, photos and browser tabs more easily.

Opera made the controls for playing videos and music less cluttered. Before, those controls were always on the side of the browser window. Now, they can float on top of the website like a small box. This lets you see more of the video while still changing it. You can also make the floating box smaller or bigger depending on how much room you need. It has buttons like play, pause, next song and volume.

The split tab feature lets you look at two websites at the same time. Many other browsers already do this but it is new for Opera. You can drag a tab out to make it its own mini-browser window. This helps if you need to compare information on different sites.

Opera also added trace indicators to show recently closed tabs. Now when you close a tab by mistake, you see an underline below the tab names. This underline lets you know which tab you closed recently so you can reopen it easily. But you only see these underlines if you have more than 30 tabs open!

The new AI features give you more smart options. Opera already had an assistant named Aria that answered questions. Now Aria can do more image and text tasks to help you research websites. For example, if you ask Aria about something on a page, it may summarize or translate part of the text for you.

In summary, the new Opera browser makes multimedia and tabs easier to handle. AI features are also expanded to help you learn from websites. This latest update focuses on user-friendly controls and capabilities for surfing the modern web.

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