A woman preparing for an interview A woman preparing for an interview

Show Them What You’ve Got! Preparing for Your Job Interview

You shouldn’t think an interview is just a formality before getting a job offer. Think of a job interview as your chance to perform. This is your time to show off your work habits and abilities.

Either your connections or your resume got you this interview. You are now one step closer to getting a job offer. But you need to convince them that you are the best candidate. So prepare to show the employer what makes you stand out.

Here are some ways to get ready for your big performance:

Research, Research, Research!

Take time to learn all about the company and the job. Read their website carefully. Search online for any news or reviews. Check out what past employees say. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to discuss why you are a great fit.

Practice Your Answers

Think about questions the employer may ask, like “Tell me about yourself” or “What are your weaknesses.” Prepare short, positive responses that highlight your strengths. Rehearse your answers out loud so you feel comfortable.

Share Your Successes

Have examples ready that show your skills in action. Think of times when you solved problems or led projects. Use the STAR method to tell your success stories in an organized way. For example, share a Situation you handled, the Task at hand, the Action you took, and the Results you achieved.

Ask Questions Too

Research common questions interviewers ask so you have your own questions prepared. Things like “What does success look like in this role?” This shows you are interested in the job and company.

Nail the Details

Make sure to arrive early, dress professionally, bring copies of your resume, turn off your phone and be polite to everyone you meet. Doing the little things right leaves a great impression and could get you one step closer to a new job!

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