New Ways to Call on WhatsApp New Ways to Call on WhatsApp

New Ways to Call on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app used by many Android users around the world. One problem with WhatsApp was that it was hard to make calls without saving phone numbers first. The WhatsApp beta testers are now trying a new dialer right in the app! This should make calling easier and more private.

The WhatsApp beta version has a “call” button floating in the Calls section. Testers can use this to dial numbers without saving them as contacts. They can choose to save the number as a new contact or add it to an existing one. Or users can send a message instead of calling. This makes it quick and simple to reach people without lots of extra steps.

Previously, WhatsApp required saving numbers to your contacts list or starting a chat to call. This took more time and effort. It also shares your privacy settings like last seen and picture with all your contacts. The new in-app dialer adds convenience while keeping your information private from unsaved numbers.

WhatsApp is always trying new ways to improve the user experience. Another recent beta update showed status posts sideways like stories, so you can see them without opening them. Constant testing helps WhatsApp stay one of the top communication choices for many.

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