Gemini Chatbot Could Soon Talk Back in Different Voices Gemini Chatbot Could Soon Talk Back in Different Voices

Gemini Chatbot Could Soon Talk Back in Different Voices

The next frontier in the AI battle between ChatGPT and Gemini seems to be transforming these generative AI models into all-knowing voice assistants like JARVIS from Marvel. Gemini has so far been unable to choose different voices for its voice responses, but that may soon change. Researchers have found code in the latest Google app update hinting at an exciting new feature – Gemini may get its own choice of voices!

When taking apart the latest beta version of the Google app, developers noticed some unused settings for choosing voices. The options were labeled “Ruby” and “River”, but didn’t do anything when selected yet. This suggests Google is working on letting users pick between different voice styles for Gemini’s spoken replies.

It’s unclear if the Ruby and River voices would just be for Gemini or could also be used with Google Assistant. Google Assistant already has many voice options, while Gemini currently only has one. In the future, Gemini users may enjoy conversing with the chatbot using whichever voice style they prefer best.

This new feature, if released, would help Gemini feel more like a personal assistant compared to just a single voice. Chatbots that can adjust their “voice” based on user choice likely feel more engaging. With the competition heating up between ChatGPT and Gemini, new customization like selectable voices could give Gemini an edge. Watch this space for more on when Gemini may start talking back in multiple styles!

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