Is Motorola's Moto Tag the Next Tracker for Google's Network? Is Motorola's Moto Tag the Next Tracker for Google's Network?

Is Motorola’s Moto Tag the Next Tracker for Google’s Network?

As a result of Google’s Find My Device network, several brands have already adopted tracking tags. With a new regulatory filing, Motorola’s offering appears one step closer to release. The Motorola Moto Tag was recently approved by the FCC. This tracker could be Motorola’s first device to support finding lost items using Google’s Find My system.

The Moto Tag will use Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless technologies. UWB allows for more accurate tracking compared to just Bluetooth. It will run on a common watch battery, so replacement batteries will be easy to find.

The FCC documents don’t say for sure that the Moto Tag will work with Find My Device. However, Google previously said Motorola would make a tag compatible with their system later this year. This new Moto Tag is likely the product Google was talking about.

Motorola is having an event on June 25th where they may announce new foldable phones. But they could also tell us more about the Moto Tag and if it really works with Google Find My Device. No official release date yet, but approval from the FCC means the tracker is one step closer to hitting stores.

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