Circle to Search May Soon Let You Search by What's Playing Circle to Search May Soon Let You Search by What's Playing

Circle to Search May Soon Let You Search by What’s Playing

Circle to Search seems like a small feature, but it greatly enhances the efficiency and frequency of our Android phones’ searches. It’s a neat feature that makes it easy to search for anything on any screen without losing your progress in the base app. Circle to Search could be upgraded with an audio search feature, and we have a few ideas.

Developers have found clues that Google may add audio search to Circle to Search. In a recent Google app beta, they enabled an “Audio Search” button, though it didn’t do anything yet.

This suggests users could soon identify sounds and music playing directly from the Circle interface. Rather than speaking or typing, your audio could provide instant context for what you’re searching for.

The button icon showed a musical note, hinting it’s meant for audio. Google would likely keep the microphone too for voice search as a separate option. Audio search would rely on whatever is currently playing rather than speaking.

It remains unknown how the actual functionality will work. For now, it’s just speculated based on early code. But an audio-powered way to search through Circle could save extra steps compared to pausing and identifying elsewhere.

If you’re excited to possibly search by what’s playing soon, stay tuned for updates on this new Circle to Search feature in future Google app betas!

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