Connect Your Phone Right to Your Windows Start Menu Connect Your Phone Right to Your Windows Start Menu

Connect Your Phone Right to Your Windows Start Menu

Using Microsoft Phone Link, you can connect an Android phone or iPhone to Windows 10 and 11. Besides being pre-installed for most Windows 11 users, it is also one of the easiest-to-use solutions, albeit with fewer features than some third-party alternatives. Today, Microsoft announced it will soon integrate Phone Link features directly into the Start Menu.

This will make your phone even more handy on your Windows computer. Right now, you need to open the Phone Link app to check messages, see photos or make calls. Soon, you’ll be able to do all that directly from the Windows Start menu. It will feel like your phone is more part of your computer.

To try it out, you need to be using the beta version of Windows 11. You also need to have the latest Phone Link app on your Android phone for now. Apple devices are not supported yet. Even then, it may take some time for Microsoft to roll out this new feature to all beta testers. So don’t worry if you don’t see it right away.

When available, you just go to the Start menu like normal. Then you’ll see options for your phone’s battery, messaging and more. You can reply to texts, view photos or even use some phone apps on your bigger PC screen. All without opening a separate app.

Connecting your phone so closely to Windows could be very handy. You get quick access to important phone features without disrupting your computer workflow. The title I suggest is “Bring Your Phone Right to Your Windows Start Menu”. This highlights the key benefit in a catchy way optimized for search engines.

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