What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Kaspersky Ban What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Kaspersky Ban

What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Kaspersky Ban

In an announcement yesterday, the Biden administration announced that Kaspersky software is upcoming to be banned sweepingly. Kaspersky is well known for its antivirus programs that protect Windows machines, but it also offers several other types of programs as well as Android apps. With over 100 million downloads, VPN & Antivirus by Kaspersky is the company’s most popular Android app.

The ban will happen in two parts. New sales of Kaspersky products must stop within 30 days of the official ban announcement coming soon. This means by the end of July, Kaspersky software and licenses can no longer be sold in the US. Then 100 days after the announcement, expected to be in late September, all use of Kaspersky software, licenses, and products with its tech must end. This 100-day window gives time for businesses to find replacements.

The Biden administration wants the ban because of Kaspersky’s ties with Moscow and the security risks that could cause. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said Russia can use companies like Kaspersky to collect Americans’ private info and use it against us. She encourages current users to “immediately stop using that software and switch to an alternative” to protect themselves.

You likely won’t face criminal charges for continuing personal use. But the administration wants Kaspersky completely gone from the US by election time. Interestingly, Biden is using a banning tool created by Trump against Huawei in 2019. Since the timeline ends before the 2024 voting, this ban also removes Kaspersky during campaign season.

In easy words, the government’s sweeping Kaspersky ban is coming soon. It aims to remove any software or service links to Moscow over security threat worries. Most should prepare now to replace Kaspersky, as the ban leaves little time for appeal.

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