Making Apple’s AI Useful For Everyone

Next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference is expected to mark Apple Intelligence’s debut after Google and Microsoft showcased their generative AI chops at their developer conferences. People are excited to see what Apple has in store for AI. But experts say Apple needs to focus on making AI help people in their everyday lives, not just impress fans.

How Can AI Help With Daily Tasks?

Many apps and devices already have AI features like summarizing text and editing photos. Apple should make their versions easy to use instead of copying what others offer. Things like transcriptions when recording voice memos could be helpful without internet access. Siri could better understand questions and give the right answers the first time. Small tweaks like these would make a big difference.

Privacy Should Come First

New reports say only newer and more expensive iPhones and iPads will get the AI features at first. This is actually good because it means Apple cares about privacy. They don’t want to launch AI everywhere and get in trouble later. The company was also criticized recently for an ad that seemed to make light of artists’ hard work. With creators worried about AI, Apple likely won’t do anything risky with content.

Make Life Easier, Not Showy

Doing simple things like setting multiple timers together is still tough for digital assistants today. Apple has a chance to fix these types of issues. A partnership with OpenAI may power new tools, but Apple will probably avoid tasks involving internet content for now due to concerns. The focus should be on improving Siri rather than making flashy demonstrations. If AI makes organizing our days less stressful, people will appreciate it much more than fireworks.

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