ZOPO Speed 7 Plus Review

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed the ZOPO speed 7 phone and if you bought one based on my reviews, you would generally testify to the fact that it is a really great device. Well, here’s the Plus of it and it comes in with the necessary extras.


The design is almost same as the ZOPO speed 7, only difference being the Ultra-Narrow Bezel. The display is also almost boderless.


The 7 Plus adds a .5″ increase in screen size still with Full HD display. You truly enjoy what you see.

Hardware and Storage

I don’t want to make this post boring for my regulars and I will just hammer on the differences from the ZOPO speed 7.

We have the same processor in this phone as in the other. The same 3GB ram and the same 16GB internal memory. However, the battery has been made more effiecient to take in 500mAh more juice and that is something reasonable. To me though, this should be the ZOPO speed 7, and the other ZOPO speed 7 m(inus).

It has dual 4G LTE sim capacity and both in micro format as well as room for expandable storage.

Camera and OS

The phone is with a 13.2MP back camera and a 5MP front camera. The quality of pictures taken with the back camera are truly impressive.

The power saving Android 5.1 that this phone ships with is better simplified with the Z-UI that helps interface.

Add Ons

Welcome to my favourite part of the show.

You would remember that I said earlier that the phone is intelligent, well, that is because it allows gesture sensing for opening various apps while double tapping the screen while in sleep state can wake the screen. What’s more, the wave of your hand can actually move to the next picture in a gallery.

The location sensor can connect you to USA’s GPS or Russia’s GLONASS so as to more accurately read your location. You can’t possibly get lost my dear if you buy this phone.

On-Point Rating

It will be sheer wickedness to give this phone an OPR less than 10 hence I have decided to give it an OPR of 11.3 because the only difference with it’s predecessor is the bezel, screen size, and battery

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