Why everyone shouldn’t be a Software Programmer

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Yes, you read right. Everyone shouldn’t be a Software Programmer and the reasons for our stance are not far-fetched at all.

We know Tech is taking on the world like never before. A father posting his 10 year old son learning programming is likely to get a hundred thousand likes on Twitter because they appreciate young people who are intentional in their decisions to make a life in Tech. But you just don’t want to join the crowd because it’s cool. And here’s why:

Are you Passionate about it?

That’s the first question you should ask yourself. Programming can be frustrating for people who do not have the talent or the natural mind for it. It is not so easy for people to write code and program something from the jump. Some people take several months, if not years to finally get a grasp on it.

Within this period, even a passionate person would be frustrated because there are no tangible results. And we all know that results drive passion. If, within that period, you don’t get results, you will most likely quit the whole thing and hate yourself for quitting. You may even feel so guilty about it and call yourself a coward. You are not, you should have just told yourself from the jump that you are not passionate about it and should never have gone into it in the first place.

Besides, there is another fact about being a Software Engineer in the sense that it is not a profession, it is a lifestyle. It doesn’t sound all cushy as they make it all out to be. You might not have time for the other things you love most

The hard truth is that when something becomes a trend, makes people look cool, and has a high potential of making you rich, or successful, there is a high chance that you want to try it out because it sounds like a way out; especially if you are still wondering what to do with your life. It isn’t a crime to try things out. But know when to leave if you are sure you feel unhappy about it and it isn’t working.

There are other Careers in Tech

In one of our latest posts, we discuss careers in Tech and explore some of the career paths a lot of people don’t think about first when it comes to tech. SEO Writing and Consulting is one of those, as well as Data Analysis. If you are sure Tech is your thing, you don’t have to go for the most popular profession in Tech just because it sounds like what you should go for.

Meanwhile, if you are sure Software Programming is your thing, go on out there and surf the waves!

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