User Says Samsung Active 2 Watch Burned Them

A Reddit user has recently claimed that their Galaxy Active 2 smart watch has given them a third-degree burn. TheMattsterOfSelf claimed that they were burned while asleep.

As you already know, most smart watch users would have their watch on throughout the day and even at night so they can keep track of various health metrics like sleep quality, heart rate, number of steps and estimated calorie burns.

The post was added in the r/WellThatSucks community on reddit and showed pictures of the burn that was caused by the Galaxy Active 2 watch. The watch owner had been using the smart watch primarily to manage their insomnia.

This is not the first time that it has been reported that Galaxy watches had burned the hand of people as there is a current lawsuit that is investigating multiple claims by those who have filed similar complaints.

This is not peculiar to Samsung devices as Fitbit had to recall millions of wearables earlier this year due to lots of reports of wrists being burnt by the Fitbit Ionic watches.

The most logical explanation for watches getting burnt on the wrist is due to the presence of the lithium ion batteries that are present in them. These batteries can easily get over heated when short circuited or damaged and this is the most possible reason for the burning of any smart watch.

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