TikTok Taking on Amazon with Their Own Sale Days TikTok Taking on Amazon with Their Own Sale Days

TikTok Taking on Amazon with Their Own Sale Days

With Prime Day coming up in July, TikTok wants to challenge Amazon. TikTok Shop announced on Thursday that it will host a “Deals For You Days” event in the U.S. starting July 9. During this time, shoppers will be able to find discounts on popular items.

Amazon’s Prime Day is very popular each year for deals. Now TikTok Shop wants to give customers sales too. Their event will offer lowered prices on things like beauty products, toys for outside, home decor, books to read in summer, and more. Some brands that will have deals include Maybelline makeup, Our Place cookware, and Too Faced cosmetics.

During the sale, companies will make fun videos on TikTok to show off their discounted items. Shoppers can watch these videos to see what’s on sale. Companies will also do “LIVE” streams where customers can chat with them about deals. As they stream, they will announce more price drops on hot selling items.

TikTok really wants their shopping part of the app to grow big in the USA. They aim to increase sales through TikTok Shop by more than 10 times this year. With this new event, TikTok is taking on one of the largest shopping holidays in the country. They also want shoppers who use other Chinese-owned apps like Temu and Shein to choose TikTok Shop instead.

Last year TikTok was expected to make around $20 billion globally from people buying products on the app. Most of those sales happened in Southeast Asia. Now TikTok is focusing on growing sales in the USA too. Experts think social media shopping will more than double by 2027. With fun videos and exclusive discounts, TikTok is hoping their sale days will attract lots of new customers.

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