TikTok Explores Ad-Free Subscription Option

According to TechCrunch, TikTok is trying out a new idea where you can pay each month to get rid of ads on the app. Right now, the test is only in one English-speaking country, which isn’t the United States. The service disputes our report that the test will be conducted in the USA, stating that “small-scale tests don’t indicate a product launch is inevitable.”

How the New TikTok Plan Might Work
Some code found in the latest TikTok app showed they may offer a way to not see ads if you pay each month. In the US test, it costs $4.99 per month. The real price could be different later if more people can use it.

TikTok Gets Money from Ads
Until now, TikTok has made most of its money from showing ads to users. Some creators also get a share of what people pay when others subscribe to them live on the app. This would be the first time TikTok takes money directly from people to remove ads from their experience using the app.

Would you Pay to Remove Ads?
Many other apps offer different subscription versions too. For example, Twitter Blue lets people pay each month for benefits like making money from tweets. TikTok’s new plan only promises no ads. It remains unclear what else it may include aside from that.

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