The Three Sides of Glo Mobile Nigeria

Three Sides of Glo Mobile Nigeria
Glo Mobile is undoubtedly the second-biggest telecoms company in Nigeria and has been my preferred network provider for over ten years now.
My most exhilarating moment on the network was when the glo mobile overload bonus started and I could get 15 MB for every recharge as well as a double airtime bonus while however, the most embarrassing moment with Glo mobile is when I visited the customer care center in my locality and was asked to buy about NGN 1,500.00 airtime before I could retrieve my line.
Enjoy this post as I talk about the three sides of Glo Mobile.

The Good

The telecoms company sponsors a number of footballing competitions across the African continent including the Nigerian premier league and the CAF awards. This is very commendable and exemplary as they are in one way or another responsible for the state of football in Nigeria as a result of the funds they pump in making my friends for example ready to watch most matches of the 3SC in Ibadan. I must also admit that I do watch the highlights on satellite TV and do feel tempted to go watch their matches at the stadium, a temptation that I will give in to any time soon.
The second good thing is that they now have a well functional live chat customer service that is accessible on the website that is aging faster than the call center where when you call, you can as well go and watch a live premier league match and you’ll still be certain that your call has not been attended to by any representative.



The Bad

The bad thing about Glo I think is in the number of brand ambassadors they seem to have. The number keeps growing at an alarming rate and I am certain that If you look at the way they’re spamming me with calls and messages, it should be somewhat proportional to the number of ambassadors they do have. On one side, it’s none of my business, but on the other hand, it certainly is my business because I am so dead sure that my use of a glo line is not tied to any of the ambassadors that they have and if all the ambassadors where to be employed by a different company today, it wouldn’t mean that I would move camp. However, I believe that looking at things from a charitable perspective, it’s a really great move.

The Ugly

In as much as I would like to be quiet about one of the incidents that arose between me and the representative at my locality, it definitely defies logic that a customer care representative will have to go against caring for a customer just because I am not willing to buy a five hundred Naira call card before retrieving my line. My reason was simple, I had bought airtime earlier and was not in need of any at the moment. I can remember that after complaining about the issue on Twitter, I was asked to go to another center so that my case can be resolved.
A second ugly thing that is rather pathetic is the erratic nature of the 3G network that is probably the most problematic connection in Nigeria even though they have these submarine cables from the US and UK to Nigeria. The various problems I do face in major cities include the following:
  • Up to three switches per minute between 2G and 3G network in auto mode
  • No internet signal during important meetings and presentations
  • Slow upload speed
Another annoying thing that I will prefer to believe that they have a genuine reason for is the non-deployment of their acquired 4G technology.
Just like no one is perfect, I do believe we all have our shortcomings and as I am not trying to defame my preferred network provider, I believe that I as well as other faithful customers deserve much more than we are getting from Glo mobile at the moment.
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