Telecast X98 Pro Tab Review


The Telecast X98 Pro Tab is the second dual-OS device that I will be reviewing ever and this is rather interesting because they are great for people who want the best of both worlds (Android and Windows). At 9.7 inches, the beauty of this tab is that it can easily pass for a mini PC once you connect a Bluetooth keyboard.


The x98 pro looks just like the x98 and is very classy with the white front and the gray colored back. The speakers are at the back of the tab with both right and left channels side by side at the base of the tab for good enough audio balancing. The micro-HDMI, audio, and Micro USB ports are at the base of the tab and placed very close to each other on the left side if you have the screen of the tab facing you. At the bottom left corner, you will find the microphone and someplace above it is the MicroSD slot, while at the top right are the volume buttons as well as the power buttons that are made from plastic.

The rear camera is not far from the power button as it’s just at the top left of the Telecast X98 tablet PC.


The screen size of 9.7″ is gigantic and would be no good except a resolution of at least full high definition is on it. Telecast put up a resolution of 2048 x 1536 which is a very good thing because you will enjoy the display.


Hardware and Storage

The x98 Pro can dual boot Windows 10 and Android 5.0 and up. It is powered by the Intel X5 – Z8500 Quad-Core CPU that has a max speed of 2.24GHz while there is a Grafis intel HD Gen8 GPU which is quite faster than the one inside of the X98.

The tab has a RAM of 4GB and that’s the exact amount of RAM on my PC!!! With an internal memory of 64GB, you can understand why the tablet is tempting. There is also space for memory expansion, as I pointed out, in the position of the MicroSD slot in the design section.

The battery capacity of 8000mAh makes this device one that will be able to handle the power requirement of the large screen. The tab comes with an OTG cable, meaning that you can plug in USB hardware like a keyboard and mouse if you do not want to use a Bluetooth keyboard or you can plug in your regular USB flash drive.


Camera and OS

It’s no news that cameras on tablets are not the best out there, and the Telecast X98 pro is not an exception. It comes with a 2MP front camera for video chatting and a 5.0 rear camera for taking photos and videos.

As I said, it is a dual OS tab and I’m not sure if it ships with both OS’s, but you can ask when you want to order that both OS be installed just in case it has only one OS installed.

On Point Rating

This tab is really great and has a number of high points including the massive battery and the display resolution. However, I still believe that more sensors could have been added to this tablet, but given the price, it’s a really good deal.

The OPR for this device is 8.7 out of 12. Don’t mind the rating, though it might just be that I am sentimental. Go for it, you will love it.

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