Should I buy Oppo Reno 3?

Should I buy Oppo Reno 3?

When looking out to purchase a smartphone, there are a lot of things to consider as smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. The camera, the design, and durability are what most people would look out for before any other thing.

The Oppo Reno 3 is worth considering when you plan on getting a smartphone because of the plastic body frame which makes it light (170 grams) and comfortable to use. In this post, we will give you a number of things to consider before you buy Oppo Reno 3.


Another thing to consider about Oppo Reno 3 is its 6.4 inches FHD+ AMOLED Display which also features an on-screen fingerprint sensor that is fast and reliable, equality panel, great colors, contrast and it also has flicker-free eye comfort which helps reduce eye strain and headache. It has a dark mode theme but it is not as optimized as Samsung’s.


The Oppo Reno 3 has four cameras at the back (48MP which is the main camera, 13MP telephoto lens, 8MP wide-angle lens, and 2MP mono lens) and a 44MP front camera. The colors are not overdone and the saturation in the images are more natural and all aspect of photography is well balanced.

You can get good photograph results from zooming up to 5 times based on the technology of the Reno 3’s optical lens, the colors and pixels are well preserved. It also has 128GB storage that can be expanded as Oppo has included a MicroSD slot.


The Oppo Reno 3 took a downhill turn in terms of design if one is comparing it with its predecessor, the Oppo Reno 2. The design is ordinary when compared to the designs of other brands like Xiaomi and Samsung are bringing to the table. The glossy finish of the phone is a far cry from the chrome-like, gradient color of the Reno 2.

The glossy feel of the Reno 3 does not encourage a firm grip which can make the phone slip off the hands frequently. However, Reno 3 is quite rugged for a smartphone and it is known to withstand falls from handheld heights. The camera bulge is also a huge turn-off for most fans and users.


It is a little difficult to multitask on it heavily, its performance, with an 8GB RAM, Mediatek MT6779 Helio chipset, an Octacore CPU, is not as good as what the competitors are offering. If you are a heavy and consistent gamer this is not the phone for you even with the 8GB RAM it offers, the phone still experiences lagging in terms of performance. The battery is great with a 4025 mAh capacity, Charging the battery from zero to 100% will take under 70 minutes.

Buying the Oppo Reno 3 will depend on what function of the phone you want to use, Using the smartphone for its camera and HDR viewing features will not let you down, while using the phone for its design is not much of a good idea in our opinion. The phone performance should not be a major reason for getting this phone as it might disappoint you.

3.9 rating
Total Score
  • Ease of Use
    4.2 rating
    4.2/5 Good
  • Design
    3.8 rating
    3.8/5 Good
  • Performance
    3.8 rating
    3.8/5 Good

The Good

  • Camera
  • Display

The Bad

  • Design
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