Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


The Galaxy S6 by Samsung has a really great design an looks a bit like the iPhone at the base. The screen offers the sharpest display available and the phone now switches to a metal casing, something different from the plastic material Samsung has been known for. The downside to the design is that on the battery cover, finger marks are easily visibly after handling the phone for a matter of seconds.

The speaker and the 35mm audio port are at the base of the phone and this is not all that cool as I am someone who places my phone head fist into the pocket allowing me to enjoy the audio jack experience but then I would have preferred a stereo speaker at both the right and left to give me a complete listening experience as I am a lover of music.


The screen technology is the Super AMOLED display, is 5.1″ and has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 which matches the Galaxy Note 4 but at 577 ppi, it is in fact higher than the Note 4 and as I earlier mentioned, the S6 has the sharpest display in the market.


Yes in fact, the S6 comes with a lot of dope extras featuring with an heart rate sensor that feeds the heart rate monitor app. The fingerprint sensor of the S6 is one of the best in the market and make you feel a little more secure.
The Smart manager on the phone allows you to track security on the phone, the battery life, storage and RAM usage. I still believe that the 360TS is still better at doing all your clean ups though.

Wireless Charging

The S6 packs both wireless charging standards in it and this allows you to be able to charge your phone wirelessly no matter what but I hope a single standard will be adopted soon enough.

Microsoft Peek

The s6 also comes with the One Note, Skype, and One Drive apps preinstalled and believe me, One Note is a lot of fun. To make you feel better, you can actually uninstall preinstalled apps on the Galaxy S6.


I’ve never been a fan of the TouchWiz UI. Take my advice and install the Action Launcher or TF Shell.

Call and SMS

The Calling and SMS apps have been upgraded and I am pretty sure you will love them and the signal strength of the phone is phenomenal. The voice over LTE feature is really cool as it lets you call while downloading on 4G, and very soon Wi-Fi calling is going to be widely available.


Everything that has a good side will have a down side and I have to confess that the downside of the S6 being the battery looks pretty stupid to me. I am not trying to say that the folks at Samsung are so so stupid but it sure feels that way to me. I wonder why you will pack the best display in the market and a host of sensors, just to provide me with 2550mAh. I would have expected a 3200mAh at the least. If the phone were a lady, I would easily refer to it as “beauty with no brains”.


The Samsung S6 Camera is dope as it packs the good sides of the iPhone and Microsoft together in one!  Don’t be deceived though, the pictures look far better on the phone than on a regular monitor. At 16MP, it takes really clear pictures in low light. The pro mode of the camera app allows you to use the camera as you would on the Manual Mode of a DSLR camera. The HDR functionality is also very detailed.
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