Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

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I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S6 two days ago and today I feel like I should talk about the Galaxy S6 Edge. The S6 Edge is the worlds first dual curved display Smartphone and is super lovely. The S6 Edge share similar specs with the S6 as it is 0.2mm thicker, 6g lighter, and has 50mAh more battery power.


As in the S6, the speaker and the 35mm audio port are at the base of the phone, but because of the dual curved display, there’s no space for a SIM tray. The SIM tray has been moved to the top of the device as well as an IR blaster.
The flat backside of the phone makes it a little weird to handle since it is made of glass with steel frame around it.  I guess they should have replicated the curved design albeit on a more subtle note on the back so as to give it a more comfortable handling.


The 5.1″ screen boasts of the same 1440 x 2560 QHD and 577ppi as found in the Galaxy S6.

The Edge

The Edge of the screen is actually functional when the screen is off, sliding your a finger one way then the other along the side of the handset will wake the edge screen. The edge screen will help you get a quick overview of important notifications, date, time and weather without having to wake the main display.
The people edge (only in home and lock screen) will allow you to add assign up to five contacts (known as ‘My People’) for easy access when it comes to calling, texting or emailing them.

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Just like the S6, the Edge comes with fingerprint sensor but also allows for smart lock, allowing you to not do any verification process when a trusted bluetooth enabled device is near. I guess you will just need to add your bluetooth headset or your smart watch as a trusted device.
The heart rate monitor is also present in the Edge and is pretty easy to use.

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Everything that has a good side will have a down side and I have to confess that the just like the S6, I strongly believe that Samsung didn’t do any justice to the juice that powers the S6 Edge. I really am not trying to say that the folks at Samsung are so so stupid but it sure feels that way to me as I expected that there would be at lease a 3200mAh battery in this beauty. You can instead go for the Galaxy A8.


The Samsung S6 Camera is dope as it packs the good sides of the iPhone and Microsoft together in one!  Don’t be deceived though, the pictures look far better on the phone than on a regular monitor. At 16MP, it takes really clear pictures in low light. The pro mode of the camera app allows you to use the camera as you would on the Manual Mode of a DSLR camera. The HDR functionality is also very detailed.
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