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OpenAI Adds New Tools to Help Companies Use AI

A company called Rockset, which develops tools for real-time search and data analysis, has been bought by OpenAI. Rockset builds products that allow businesses to easily search through data stored in databases and cloud storage. This data can then be used for analytics and apps like recommendation systems and chatbots.

OpenAI wants to use Rockset’s technology to “power their infrastructure across products.” The Rockset team will now work at OpenAI. OpenAI plans to slowly move Rockset customers over to using their platform instead.

OpenAI hopes the new tools will let companies “better leverage their own data” and “access real-time information” as they use OpenAI products. This could help improve things like training models on a company’s specific data. It may also make AI apps “more powerful and useful” according to one of Rockset’s founders.

Rockset raised over $117 million from investors before being bought. They had big customers like Meta and JetBlue using their tools. OpenAI wants the new technology to help problems AI apps have when dealing with lots of data at huge scales.

This acquisition adds new ways for OpenAI customers to integrate their own business data into AI systems. This should help tailor solutions more accurately to different industries and use cases. The combined tools aim to make AI a more effective partner in transforming how companies operate.

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