My everyday Android apps

There are some apps that I use everyday. I mean everyday. I decided to pull up a list of my everyday apps and why I use them so often and believe me, they’re a few.

After reading my list kindly drop a comment of your everyday apps. Thanks


As a Christian this is where I get my inspiration and guidance from. It is not an app I use like every single day but I usually play catch up on my reading plans on days I forget to study from it.


This is another app I don’t use every single day and if you have checked my list of 5 must have android apps, you would notice how well I love this one as it helps me to learn new stuff and also understand myself some more.


Asides communicating with the people that are dear to me, there’s pretty no real use for this app. However, communication is an essential parts of our lives and this is one place where I do find it easy to talks with my family and friends.


Blackberry Messenger is my second best messaging app and I also use it to connect with my friends mostly and any other person who’s number I believe I don’t really need but would still like to chat them up every once in a while.

My BBM PIN is 5670BD8F and my Channel PIN is C00224E9D

FYI, my favourite thing to do when I am bored is looking up the DPs on my feed.

Google Chrome

As my favourite browser on PC and Mobile it’s a place I use for using the internet. I’ve tried making Firefox my favourite browser but it didn’t work for me. I guess I just love the user experience of Google chrome browser but then, Firefox is also a very important browser for me.

FYI I’ll try making Firefox my favourite browser again and see if it will work out this tie out.

Not to bore you, I’ll rush over the other four and they are Facebook, Google+, messaging and phone app. I’m sure that their presence on the list is obvious.
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  1. For the most part these apps are popular on most platforms, but there are a couple of these apps that I'm not familiar with.

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