7 of the Most Amazing Android Launchers [2020 Update]

Most Amazing Android Launchers

One of the most amazing features of Android is the fact that one can customize/personalize it to run the way one feels or pleases. It is for this reason that I present seven of the most amazing Android Launchers.


Pixel Launcher
Source – Android Community

The killer feature of the Launcher from Google Inc is the good way with which it integrates with the google search feature. Google Now cards can be easily reached by swiping to the right of your Home screen. The OK Google of the launcher is a little hyper-active but makes the launcher drag a bit on low-end phones. Google just used the launcher to push their products to more users. I love the fact that when it comes to functionality, it does a pretty good job most especially if you are someone who’s always using Google Search.


Source – Android Central

This is a launcher that I love because of the way it presents apps. If you are someone that is very organized, you will most likely fall in love with this home replacement app.

It categorizes your apps with respect to functionality, information it derives from Google Play.

It portrays a material design and uses little system resources that means you are less likely to get a lag as a result of this launcher. There are various themes that you can use to enjoy what could have been a boring but effective launcher.


Evie Launcher
Source – Android Central

Evie Launcher has just one thing it’s good at and it does it so well. It is a launcher built for performance.

The main reason why it is being praised by a lot of people in the tech world is because you are able to perform easy customization and personalization without compromising the general performance of your smartphone.

What intrigues me is not that it is already well loaded with customization options but that it keeps getting more and more customization options added to its already well loaded arsenal.


Source – Android Central

It’s no news that Windows Mobile became a total disaster even though it was meant to offer a good package by ensuring it synced well with windows computers especially since a lot of apps could run on both the PC and the Mobile version of windows 10.

Microsoft is however not giving up just yet and we can evidently see that by them creating a really great launcher in the Microsoft Launcher.

Firs things first, the app offers lots of customization options and integrates well will the host of Windows apps out there.

If you are a Windows fan, then this launcher is a no brainer. It’s a must have for you. For me, the best part asides the customization and integration options is that it allows for you to disable animations so that it can work even faster.

Now, that’s something that is fascinating!


Action Launcher

This is my favorite launcher however, it’s definitely not the most amazing launcher out there even though it won the #1 spot on Android Central’s Best Android launchers of 2015.

The Quickbar, Quicktheme, and Covers function, are the feature that I cherish the most on this launcher. In one simple way, it organizes and functions the way I expect a smartphone to work, and really hope that it can be the stock launcher for Android someday.


Inasmuch as AL3 serves me well, I can’t afford to be biased on this list of amazing android launchers, Buzz Launcher is undoubtedly much more amazing, and yes it is similar to Themer but I chose it over themer because it has a whole number of themes that were created by regular android users and creative users.

Buzz brings creativity to a whole different level and when I was using Buzz, it always got people wowed as they almost couldn’t believe that I was using an Android phone. If you want something absolutely creative and customizable, then you can’t afford to look any further.


Nova Launcher

For the first time ever, I am introducing Nova Launcher to the mix and it is replacing TSF Shell which was discontinued last year.

I could have easily placed Action Launcher here as it has been my Goto launcher since 2017. However, Nova is more deserving as it is one of the very first launchers and has consistently stayed at the top year in year out.

It delivers lots of customization options that can be overwhelming but more importantly. It does a good job of copying your previous launcher layout to give you a feel you are familiar with.

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