iPhone 6 review

It seems now that iPhone has now accepted that bigger, and thinner is the new trendy for phones, and came with one that is 5.44″ tall and 2.64″ wide, same size with the Moto X at 4.7″. However, the iPhone 6 is a little thinner and lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now, the iPhone6 is thinner, comfortable, friendly to the touch, but not so easy to navigate as one would expect with only a few apps that work in landscape.

The phone is powered by the hnew A8 processor, which makes everything from launching apps to playing games to switching home screens noticeably faster than even the 5S. There’s also the M8 “motion co-processor,” which is what the iPhone 6 uses to passively track your steps, elevation, and more.

As we have known Apple, the battery life here is also something, and at last, NFC comes built in, which enables the upcoming tap-to-buy Apple Pay system. There’s also support for faster LTE and Voice over LTE, with new Wi-Fi standards.

There’s one feature called “focus pixels” used to achieve phase-detect autofocus. The best way to describe this is thhat the camera never seems to be focused, but always is, hence, everything is always crisp and clear.

When it comes to the Video, you can shoot up to 60fps at 1080p. Also comes with slow-motion video(240fps) and believe me, the feeling is cinematic, especially as there’s “cinematic stabilization,” which does an impressive job. You could just film while walking,

The iOS8 is really focused on making common actions simple and accessible. The keyboard now has predictive typing (catching up with Android). There are quicker ways to respond to text messages, and at the top of the multitasking menu there’s a recently contacts.Things are now a little faster, and a little more obvious.

Spotlight now includes the App Store, web, local, and other search results as you type(Google Now). It’s much faster than opening Safari or dealing with Siri.

iOS 8 possesses Continuity, which lets you move calls and texts between devices, and HandOff that lets you pick up on one device right where you left off on another. There is a new sharing menu, which make it easier to move data between iOS apps.

Finally, my brethren, the iPhone 6 is super awesome, but nothing too different from iPhone as we know it. If you are considering to by it, please do.

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