How To Use WhatsApp On Two Phones With Same Number

How To Use WhatsApp On Two Phones With Same Number

The highly anticipated feature from WhatsApp is finally here – the ability to use the same account on two different phones simultaneously. This is different from having WhatsApp and WhatsApp business on the same phone and doesn’t need you to go through any back channels or use a haacked version of WhatsApp. Let’s now go over how to use WhatsApp on two phones with same number.

To set up this feature, I belivee you already have WhatsApp installed and logged in on your primary phone. So just follow the steps below to link your secondary phone to the same WhatsApp account:

Step 1: Install WhatsApp on Your Secondary Phone

Unlock your secondary phone and install the WhatsApp application. You can download the app from the App Store if you’re an iPhone user, and from Google Play Store if you’re using Android.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and Start the Setup Process

Open the installed application and begin the setup process. Agree to the terms and conditions and accept notification access requests and any other permissions it asks for.

Once you reach the screen that asks for your phone number, do not type it in. Instead, tap the three-dot ‘More’ menu in the top corner and select ‘Link a Device’. This action generates a QR code on your secondary phone’s screen.

Pick up your primary phone, open WhatsApp and find the ‘Settings’ menu. On Android, tap the ‘More Options’ three-dot menu, and on iPhone, tap ‘Settings’ in the bottom bar. In the subsequent screen, choose ‘Linked Devices’ and then ‘Link a Device’. This should open a camera view. Allow camera access and point it to the QR code displayed on your secondary phone.

After a few seconds, it will connect and sync your chats across both devices. You will be able to see messages and notifications in real time, just as you would on your primary phone.

Keep in mind that you need to log into WhatsApp on your primary phone at least once every 14 days to prevent disconnection on your secondary device. This requirement is crucial as it doesn’t transfer your chats from one platform to another but keeps the primary account and device active for reliable operation on your linked devices.

As long as you ensure to keep your primary phone active by opening WhatsApp at least once every two weeks, you can use WhatsApp on your secondary phone just like you would on your primary device.

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With these steps, navigating through the world of dual-device WhatsApp use is simplified. So go ahead and enjoy the convenience that this new feature offers.

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