How to Simplify Your Life with Your Smartphone

How to Simplify Your Life with Your Smartphone

You are wondering how to simplify your life with your smartphone right? I know very well that the easiest way to define a smartphone is that it is a phone that is smart – 😉 – however, the Advanced English Dictionary defines a smartphone as A mobile phone with more advanced features and greater computing capacity than a featurephone If that be the case, you would agree with me that all this power must not go to waste. My readers would have connected with the fact that my on-point rating (OPR) system is based on the fact that the functionality of a smartphone must be on par with its pricing. Hence, if you are spending $150 you must feel the effect in your life.

I have seen a lot of people buy really expensive iPhones and not even use half of the processing power of the phone at any point in time because to them, it’s just a statement but not a tool to make life easier. The question now is how am I meant to ensure that my smartphone makes my life any better. I’ll give you the general rule for maximizing the potential of your smartphone and also give a case study as I go on so that you can better relate to this.

Before we start you might want to read my previous posts on how to choose your next smartphone and how to select the best app for you if you haven’t done so already as the information there will be insightful and I will not repeat information that I have already shared in those posts.

First things first, you want to ensure that you charge your battery for the required amount of time as soon as you have unboxed your phone before switching it on, this will help your battery life in the long run and it won’t degrade fast.

The next step after this is to switch on your phone and set it up for use. At this stage, you need to make sure that you sign in to your new phone with your main email address. For me, I have two main email addresses which are Gmail when I’m using an Android phone and Outlook when I am using a Microsoft phone.

I save all my contacts to my Gmail account so that when I switch phones, my contacts come with me. After you must have signed in you need to check the storage capacity of the phone and the available storage.

I usually set up all my media and other apps to my external storage (whenever I am using a phone with storage less than 32mb) while my very important apps are put to internal storage. You want to do this because you don’t want to be faced with low storage warnings which can cause a lag.

The third step is to install a really good security app and you will want one that can handle a lot of things like the 360 security which happens to be what I use on my PC and tab. I advise you to follow up by installing a home replacement app if you do not feel at home with the UI that ships with your device except you have no other choice.

You should notice that at this stage you are securing the longevity and functionality of your smartphone. Now you will want to move up to the installation of a file manager before going on to decide what and what not you need to do.

You might notice that some apps that you do not need and will not use ships with your phone. If you can’t remove them, uninstall any updates and disable the app so there is room for other useful things. You will need to disable auto-updates as this can re-enable these apps that you are not willing to use.

Now is the time to consider what your lifestyle is and hence, what you need help simplifying. This will be a combination of your work and leisure. This part might be a bit tricky because if you have chosen a device that can’t handle your needs then you need to sell it, read my post on choosing your next smartphone, and then follow my guide.

Smartphone with various applications

You should list your daily activities and then take a cue from them as this will lay the foundation for enjoying this very device that you have spent money on. I’ll take my younger brother, for example, he listens to music, downloads music videos, socializes with friends and family, and read books.

For him, it is simple he is okay with the default player because he’s using a really good headphone, he uses UC browser as this will allow him to download videos from youtube, reads with kobo books and adobe reader apps. He uses BBM and WhatsApp messenger alongside Facebook and Twitter apps.

You would agree with me that my brother is really enjoying his phone because choosing the right apps has made his life much more convenient. Like me, he has no game on his phone not because he doesn’t play games but because he doesn’t feel like it will make his day productive. He installs and uninstalls games at intervals though when he’s bored to be sincere.

Another example is my very good friend who frequently complains that she is always running out of storage space, he condition was two-fold, she had kids that will always take pictures with her phone at any given opportunity and also often doesn’t remember when she clicks install when some ads do appear on her phone.

For her, I often collect her phone and ensure that I move photos to the memory card and also set the memory card as the default app for taking pictures. After this I move on to asking for apps I feel she doesn’t use and 95% of the time I get a please remove. It is not a bad idea to have others use your phone but you want to ensure that whatever is put on the phone is screened by you when it gets back to your hands.

I hope that this post will be of great help to you as you go on with ensuring that you enjoy every cent that you spend on any smartphone from now on.

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