How to Choose your next Smart Phone

I really need you to read this before you need to choose your next Smart Phone. Smartphones are slowly replacing computers as there are more powerful and also getting larger screens. Computers are unlikely to be phased out however, with the right Smart Phone, you could reduce the usage of your computer considerably. Here’s my guide in choosing what’s best for you.

What are you major tasks?

You want to first ask yourself this question as it will help you define clearly the next question. If you are in the eduction sector (student, researcher or lecturer) you major tasks will be reading, writing, listening to music or watching news / educational videos. This simply means you might want to go for a phone that has a strong battery and will have support for auto-brightness and also reading mode.

If you are a in the media sector (photographer, journalist or musician) you will want a phone that’s very rugged, has a great camera and produces good sound.

What are you favourite apps.

I want to believe that from your tasks, you will have some favourite apps. For me, it’s an office app, blogger app, email client, my social apps and Adobe Acrobat Reader. For a journalist, it could be a Camera app, a note taking app, a news feed, a to do manager and such.

Now when you have this information, you would want to visit the app stores for windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry 10 and check if they have apps in the category you need, the prices and more importantly comments on this apps.

Choose your style

Look at your person and decide if you are someone who prefers flexibility to beauty or you want both. I wouldn’t try pointing fingers at any of the major Mobile OSes but I will tell you that your style is one thing that’s important.

Case Study

If you are a musician that loves to take voice notes, likes great sound and are a fan of flexible and appealing you might definitely go for the Xiaomi MI4 or the Huawei Honour 6 Plus
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