How to Choose an App

I have talked about how to choose a smartphone as well as the five must-have apps for the android user and the iOS user. Today I want to take it a step further and talk about how to choose one. I’ll focus on the android user and will hope that others will be able to pick a thing or two from my account.
The Google play store is flocked with lots of apps that choosing one could at times being the most confusing thing to do. However, there is always one that will suit you much more than any of the apps out there and if you decide to just click the first four-star rated thing that appears when you search for ‘note pad’ for example it might just not suit you.

Let’s start with why you need to understand how to choose an app. Ever since I have been using smartphones, I have had applications that wouldn’t stay up to thirty minutes after install and there has been times when I have had to do that like six or seven times before now going through the steps that I want to show you now. I remember vividly when I wanted to choose an outstanding note taker and when I wanted to choose a file explorer, I did at least a half days worth of trial and error before going on to choose what works best for me. The steps listed here will then help you to understand how to better save time by spending time on things that matter and ensuring that you get the best of your apps every single time you are choosing one.

The first thing you want to do when searching is deciding if you want to pay or not. When you make this choice, you have saved yourself some stress. If you are considering to pay, the next step is deciding the max amount you will want to go for. You don’t have to be rigid on your max amount though and you should have a plus or minus say $2 policy.

How to Choose an App

The second step is to go and do some research on the app you need. If for example, you are looking for a launcher, you might want to search for things like best/top android launcher(s)/home replacement app(s) any of this four searches will leave you with lots of results that will show the opinions of people who are or who perceive themselves as an authority on the topic. You will then be able to compare and contrast what various people have to say about many of the alternatives out there. If there is a general bug or disadvantage about some launchers this is when you will know.


When you must have finished on researching on the most suitable android application that you want to go for I will strongly advise that you then search for it in the google play store and now have a look at the official screenshots in the description page. Having this look at the interface will let you have an insight into how the latest release is looking and see if it is an interface that you find interesting.

After you must have gone through the interface the next thing you want to do is check the description, this is because you have read what some pro(s) thinks of the app, now it is time to know what the owner/publisher thinks makes his app more special than the others out there. While doing this, you should also lookout for the size and if you have to also download some other stuff after installation for it to work well especially when a game is what you are looking out for. You should also check the last date an update was released as this will give you an insight into how often the developer services the app.

How to Choose an App

After now, it is then safe to go and check what other users think of your choice. In my own opinion, user opinion should only be consulted when you have decided that you love what you see and you are considering tapping the download or buy button. Be careful when going through user reviews because since they are randomly generated, you will want to see more reviews and judge from a wider perspective. I have often seen myself weighing how many people voted five stars to how many voted one star in a bid to judge user sentiment.

At this stage, you should be sure if you want the app you are staring at or not but just out of curiosity, you might decide to still go a step further by checking out the similar apps that are listed and then going through the interface preview, description and all. If you find yourself tapping the back or return button, there is a 90% chance that you will love your choice and it is time to download.

I am fairly certain that if you follow my formula, you will end up most of the time having apps that meet your need.

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  1. With the countless apps available for download, this is a great guide to narrow down our options and choose the right apps.

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