GPD XD Game Tab Review

The GPD XD Game tab is great for the game lovers be it while you want to play solo or multiplay. As if that’s not enough, it also comes with a universal emulator for all the games you love. Now that’s tricky don’t you think? Let’s learn more about this $160 device.


Any game tablet is only as good as it’s hardware and this is a great place to start from.

This Game pad is with RK3288 600MHz Quad Core processor (from Rockchip) and a Mali 764 GPU giving your game almost no reason to lag especially as there is 2GB of ram and 16GB of internal storage. All the same, there’s room for memory expansion with the microSD slot that is with the gadget.

The buttons present will allow you play almost any game that exists out there and you may also decide to use the touchscreen if you prefer to. The keys present include very high grade joysticks that can swivel up to 500 million times before they start to wear and the classic directional keys as well as action keys.

It weighs just 300 grams.

The battery is a beastly 6000mAh and you are sure to play till you get tired of playing.


This gaming device is Basic HD IPS screen technology and gives out a 1000:1 contrast ratio with a 450 nits of brightness. 


Well, you will want to know what kind of games you can play right. Let us start with every single game on the play store because it is based in Android 4.4 and then add every other game that it can emulate from play station, Nintendo and Sega to mention a few.

View Modes

In addition to being able to view your game on the console, you will also be able to cast the video to your smartTV via HDMI or WiFi. to ensure that you make the most of the multiplayer mode of this Game Tablet.

If you are really into games and not seriously considering the GPD XD Game Tab, maybe you are not seriously into games.


You can actually do other stuff with this Game Tab as it is based on android and this includes watch movies, listen to music and also surf the internet.

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