Google Photos Now Showing More Stuff in Album View

Google Photos Now Showing More Stuff in Album View

The Google Photos app recently released an update, to version 2.8, and the biggest change is in the albums view where one can now preview more pictures. The albums tab now has three sections: exploration, photos on the device, and user-created albums and this is a bit similar to the three tabbed views of Instagram.

The exploration row previously seen in albums contains collections of photos like People, Places, Things, etc. and is randomly generated by Google’s algo. This row is now larger and holds more thumbnails, before it was three columns, now it’s four.

The second row is now known as Device row (previously Device Folders) and contains pictures that were generated from social apps on your phone, as well as camera photos, and screenshots.

The third row is for the albums you created. The tab now shows square tiles instead of the full photos that it used to display.

In case you didn’t know about the Photoscan App by Google Photos, It’s good to have a look and while it’s not a magical app, it quiet does an impressive job of neatly scanning old photos with a phone. Get It Here.

Source | Android Authority

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