Instagram's Close friends on live Instagram's Close friends on live

Go Live with Just Your Close Friends on Instagram

On Thursday, Instagram announced that users would be able to broadcast live to just their Close Friends list. Up to three people can go live with the new “Close Friends on Live” feature. This new feature lets you share what’s on your mind, catch up with friends, share memes, and plan trips together in real time – but only your Close Friends will be able to see it!

Before this, if you went live on Instagram everyone who followed you could watch. That might not be what some people want. With the Close Friends feature, you get to choose who can see your broadcast. This could encourage more people to try the live feature.

Instagram has been adding more private ways for friends to connect. Late last year they added “Notes” so you can send texts and emojis just to your friends for 24 hours. It seems Instagram wants to help people stay in touch with friends, not just be about famous influencers.

The new live feature shows Instagram still cares about real friend connections. As more people use Instagram for work, it’s nice they added a way to livestream casual conversations just for your closest pals. Regular users can get back to why many first joined Instagram – to share moments with friends, not the whole world. If you’ve never tried the live feature before, give Close Friends on Live a try!

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