Galaxy S24 CAMERA: 2 Cool tricks that let you zoom in and out!

A new video from Samsung demonstrated some awesome camera features for phones with huge 200-megapixel cameras and powerful Snapdragon 8 processors. We’ll probably see these on the Galaxy S24 phones coming next year.

One really neat feature is called “Zoom Anyplace”. It lets you zoom into your subject for a close-up shot, while also recording the whole scene at the same time! You’ll get two videos – one zoomed in and one zoomed out, both in super sharp 4K resolution.

Zoom Anyplace uses the phone’s powerful AI processing to track a moving subject and keep them in focus even when they’re moving around. You can zoom in or out in any direction without losing quality too. All this happens automatically so you don’t have to switch between close-up and wide shots.

The other new feature speeds up taking pictures. Samsung’s new “E2E AI Remosaic” tech reduces image processing times while improving quality at the same time! You can capture photos almost twice as fast while keeping great details.

Thanks to the huge 200-megapixel camera sensors and lightning-fast Snapdragon 8 processors, the Galaxy S24 looks set to take mobile photography to new levels with these really impressive zoom and speed features.

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