Five Smart Gadgets You Can Buy for under ₦20,000 Each

Regarding smart gadgets, a lot of people don’t understand that they don’t need to break the bank to access them. While there are gadgets that need a hefty amount to get, there are a few that come in good quality and are affordable for most people.

In this blog post, we will go over five smart gadgets you can buy for under ₦20,000 each.

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Smart brush

A smart brush is a toothbrush that has different modes and has preset timers to ensure that you can take care of different aspects of your oral health. A regular smart brush would come with two to four replacement brushes, a charging cable, and at least three preset modes for brushing your teeth. Most smart brushes run in four 30-second intervals, advising you to use those 30 second intervals to brush four sections of your teeth. The sections of your teeth are the lower right, lower left, the upper right and the upper left to make a total of the recommended two minutes brushing time that is advised by most dental associations globally.

Most dentists would always recommend that a smart brush will do a more decent job than a regular toothbrush, so it makes absolute sense to switch to a smart brush today

Smart Scale

Smart scales are an absolute necessity for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. This is because they, to a good extent, can accurately measure not just your weight, but your muscle density, your body fat, BMI and other data.

Smart scales work by sending minute electrical charges through one foot and measuring the difference that comes through the other foot back to the scale. This electrical charges are so minute that you would never feel them but are significant enough for the smart scale to collect the data necessary to be able to measure the body’s resistance and therefore guess the data based on the calculations.

While there are more expensive smart scale options in the market, there are still some that would cost you less than 20,000 naira.


Smartwatches are also essential to your everyday life, especially as they are good at measuring your heart rate, your steps, calories burnt, sleep data among other things. More advanced watches can even measure your blood sugar level.

While smartwatches are a great idea and can cost upwards of 300,000 naira, there are still some good options that go for way less. I have attached the link to a popular brand smartwatch that wouldn’t break the bank. It can take care of all the basic needs that you would expect of a smartwatch, is very durable and comes from a reputable company.

While there are other smartwatches that cost even less than 10,000 naira, I would not recommend any of those, as brand names would do much better regarding tech

Smart bulb

One of the best advantages of smart bulbs is that they help you to conserve energy as much as possible. Smart bulbs basically turn on and off when motion is detected and they sync with your phone for added functionality from the companion app.

You can also connect your smart bulb with other smart devices like your smartwatch and virtual assistant so that you can control them from other paired smart devices. You will be able to control your smart bulb with voice technology. Furthermore, you can also brighten and dim your smart bulbs from your mobile phone through your assistant as well as guarantee that you are not wasting power with the motion sensor that comes with the smart bulbs

Smart doorbell

Smart door bells are not just a luxury that is reserved for distinctly rich folks; they are now affordable and can be purchased for less than 20,000 naira. A decent smart doorbell would be able to show you a video of whoever is by the doorbell as well as help you communicate with whoever is at the doorbell as you know your smart doorbell needs to be connected to the Internet so that you can access the footage from your doorbell wherever you are in the world.

Which these five gadgets that will improve your everyday life, you can evidently see that you don’t need to break the bank to get smart gadgets for your everyday life. Any of the gadgets I have listed here will significantly improve your everyday life, and if you find more smart gadgets that I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments section.

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